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The Fully Charged Podcast is Back, and Now on iTunes!

Episodes 2 and 3 now available.

Capcom Shows Off a Bit of Mega Man 11's Pre-Order Exclusive Soundtrack

Teaser, sampler — call it what you will, you’ll only get a bite or two.

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Guts Man… do-do-do you have ‘im?

GigaBoots Tests Mega Man 11 Demo for Lag

All platforms go under the knife.

Thoughts and Impressions of the Mega Man 11 Demo

Very good, but not without some concerns.

Capcom Teams with Pix'n Love for Mega Man 11 Collector's Edition

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Rockman 11 One-Shot Manga Coming Soon

Back in black (and white).

The Mega Man 11 Name Game

Remaining Robot Masters revealed?

It's Time to Bounce with Latest Mega Man 11 Trailer

Havin’ a ball.

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episode 11 Preview

Wherein something presumably happens.